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Re: Nic Issues..

"Tom Kloppel" <tom_kloppel@hotmail.com> writes:

> First of all, im using a DECchip 21041 card, it is supposed to use the
> 'Tulip' module.  I installed debian with the normal woddy
> kernel(2.2.20-idepci) and the network card worked just fine.  Last night I
> compiled/installed/upgraded to the 2.4.18 kernel, rebooted, and the network
> card wasnt loading, and the little pc light on my cable modem was OFF...  So
> I tried to compile again and i was sure to add support for Decchip 2x04x
> Tulip module.  Now the PC light does turn on, but i still cant get the card
> to function correctly.
> What I find wierd is that when i do 'insmod tulip' it says it cant find the
> module.  Should that be happening?

You might try the de4x5 driver instead.  I have a DEC DE450 with 21041
chip and kernel tulip driver has been broken with this card for a year
or so.


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