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Re: Sawfish - keybinding funny.

Richard Heycock <rgh@roughage.com.au> wrote:

> Yeah I agree. I really liked the fact that you could dynamically
> create new virtual desktops which is of course gone.

Don't think Metacity does this... that was a nifty feature, though.
Metacity is intentionally minimalist, as you've seen with their docs, so
you do lose some things.

> Does Metacity have key bindings and the like? 

Yes, though not so easily accessible. There's a graphical setup tool
(as a separate package) that handles focus and workspaces. For other
things, including keybindings, you can set parameters in the gconf
files. Gconf-editor makes this almost painless, but you can hand edit
the XML if you're feeling masochistic.

> I tried to have a look at some doco a while back but the 'home page'
> is an ftp directory and there didn't seem to much doco in there...

Hehe... sounds about right.


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