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Sawfish - keybinding funny.

I use keybindings quite a lot in sawfish but I noticed recently (I think
after the last upgrade but I'm not sure) that some of them don't work
very well. For example I have an xterm mapped to ctrl-shift-e and when I
press those keys a number things might happen:

	* it works, but not very often;
	* it does nothing, but not very often;
	* it thinks for about 3 seconds and then pops up two xterms.
	  If an xterm has focus then an 'e' is printed after about a
	  second. This is the most common scenario.

I've tried binding the xterm to a differnt set of keys (ctrl-alt-e) and
the other keybindings work (ctrl-alt-r - roll shade window). I am
running unstable.

Does anyone have insight into this?


"It is possible to make things of great complexity out of things
 that are very simple. There is no conservation of simplicity"
 -- Stephen Wolfram

Richard Heycock <rgh@roughage.com.au>
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