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Re: Resistance Is Futile.

Im not going to go out of my way. Remove me or I sue. N.B. to those who notice that this is not enough time (10 days) Ive already given several notices, and my solicitor told me to say I will sue for damage of character. Cheerily yours.


On Sat, 24 May 2003 17:37:38 -0400 somian@adelphia.net (Soren Andersen) wrote:
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You've been named a silly fool sufficiently, I think, by others who have
replied to this unfortunate thread. I will just add, silly fool, that
you ought to be able to achieve the desired result by simply bouncing
a few messages sent to you by the List manager; in my recent experience,
this resulted in quick (undesired) removal from Debian-User.

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