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Re: your mail

On Thursday 22 May 2003 08:25, John Hasler wrote:
> Pigeon writes:
> > Re US export laws, isn't that what the non-US version is for?
> No.  The US relaxed its export regulations some time ago and Debian moved
> all crypto software into main.  The current regulations are bizarre and
> silly as such things usually are but what it boils down to is that Free
> Software is exempt.

Is this a contradication or a document in need of modification?

In README.non-US dated 14-April-2003 at the first google on "debian non-us"

                           Debian non-US packages

United States laws place restrictions on the export of certain defense
articles, which, unfortunately, includes some types of cryptographic software.
PGP and SSH, among others, fall into this category.  It is legal however, to
import such software into the US.

To prevent anyone from taking unnecessary legal risks, some Debian
packages are only available from a site in Leiden, The Netherlands.
Mike M.

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