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Re: My first question on Debian


I not an expert but here is what I know:

Debian has allways 3 flavors: stable, testing and unstable.
Stable made of very stable soft, so many programs may not be in their last 
Stable is codenamed "woody".

Testing is a woody with some more up to date packages.
Testing is codenamed "sarge".

Unstable made of the very last versions of packages available, because of that 
it may have some problems, but nothing an old debian user couldn't fix.
Unstable will always be named "sid". (The bad boy in "Toy Story")

Forget about hurd and potato. 
The Hurd is the drog of gnu people (The Hurd is a new and "perfect" kernel 
they are developing for some time now).

Potato is the previous version of debian.

If I were you I'll install stable (woody) and after some time learning the 
"secrets" of debian you should be able of upgrade to a mix of testing and 
unstable that satisfy your needs. (knoppix is such a mix)
But be aware: Installing and configuring Debian is more complex than 
installing knoppix, because it give you so many options and posiblilities.

**Note that having stable doesn't mean not having the last soft. There is a 
wonderfull place http://www.apt-get.org in wich you will find the very last 
candy soft like video players, decoders, kde3.1, gnome2, and all this ready 
to install in a debian woody system.

Best regards.


> I know this may sound silly to your Debianers, but I really don't know
> which one to download -- there're several dirs under
> debian-unofficial:
> hurd/    potato/     sarge/  sid/    woody/
> each with some ISOs under it.
> So, which is the most *bleeding-edge* one?
> -Isaac
> PS: plz CC to me, I'm not on this list.
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