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Recommendations for Running unstable

Can anyone point me to previous archived discussion on this or give
recommendations on how often things get broken in Debian unstable, and
what one can do to minimise "downtime" (perhaps monitor some announce
list that gives advice on whether to hold off for a few weeks on

I've been running testing for over a year now, have a full bin/src local
mirror on my laptop (of testing) and like my setup generally. On the
other hand, gnome 2 is still not there, gnome 2.2 is further off, and
other things are often two or more versions behind (eg. currently bochs
is in the 1 series only, I think anjuta or something was way back in
versions, etc). So my itch is getting to the point I really need to
scratch it.

Please CC me, as I'm not subscribed yet.

Thanks in advance

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