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Re: Recommendations for Running unstable

Thus spake Zenaan Harkness (zen@getsystems.com):

> Can anyone point me to previous archived discussion on this or give
> recommendations on how often things get broken in Debian unstable, and
> what one can do to minimise "downtime" (perhaps monitor some announce
> list that gives advice on whether to hold off for a few weeks on
> dist-upgradeing)?

I don't know how typical my experience is, but I've been running
unstable since last September. For three months or more I was updating
the system every night.

During this time there were two problems: a broken link to the C++
library, which meant that apt-get failed...(this list solved that
problem in short order) and a samba problem whereby the client could
see directories but not files. By the time I realised I had this
problem a fix was available.

Other than that, the system has only crashed when I had a hard drive
failure (not unreasonable, as / was on that drive) and gives me few

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