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Re: serving CUPS printer over Samba to win98 client

On Fri, 2 May 2003 11:43:44 +0200
David Fokkema <dfokkema@ileos.nl> wrote:

> If cups is working correctly, it is really easy to set this up for
> samba. If have added this to smb.conf:
> printing = cups
> printcap name = cups
> in the [global] section. Remember, if you have security is 'user', you
> need to set up her passwords for samba. Probably you have that covered,
> since you mentioned she can access the shared folders.
> If all goes well, she can now browse your server and see the cups
> printer appear in the network neighbourhood. If you set up the driver
> correctly (smb printer on \\server\printername) it all will work
> flawlessly. If not, double-click on the printer and windows will ask you
> to install the driver for this printer. Then it should be working...

Will he need to create another printer on the CUPS server, to specify raw


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