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serving CUPS printer over Samba to win98 client


So I got me a brand new HP LaserJet 1200, got it installed in CUPS and
printed a couple of test docs.  Very happy.
I have Samba successfully serving some "shared directories" for my
girlfriend's win98 box.

Now what I want to do is to let her print to the new printer...
And I noticed this bit here:
where it's talking about installing the vendor-provided drivers on the
Windows client machine, then having Samba and CUPS hand the print jobs to
the printer 'raw' as it were...

So I have already installed the drivers on the win98 client machine, and
now I'm wondering where to find detailed instructions on how to set up this
'raw' printing in CUPS and how to tell Samba to share it (and once it's
shared, how do I know what its 'location' will be from Windows' point of

Thanks for any help.
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