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Re: rescue a partition...ok, im freakin out a little

In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> ok, parted was able to find my partiton but here is what it returned
> from the print command
> Disk geometry for /dev/hdd: 0.000-76319.085 megabytes
> Disk label type: msdos
> Minor    Start       End     Type      Filesystem  Flags
> 1         16.882  31996.000  primary   hfs
> This does not mount, especially since the filesystem is not correct, it
> is not hfs it is a vfat partition.  As a matter of fact, on this
> particular disk I have not even had an hfs partition, yet it does label
> it msdos.  The size does appear to be correct, I formatted to maximum
> vfat size which is 32gig.  So, is it possible for me to change the
> Filesystem type, or whatever else I might need to change to get it to
> mount?  It more than likely was not a primary partition either, so I am
> not sure what that is going to mean, there were no Os's on this drive,
> it was simply a middle ground between my WinXP install on ntfs and my
> linux install.  (each on independant disks)  Now, in case it matters
> there at one point was an hfs filesystem on my /dev/hdb but I have not
> used that for some time now and as you can see, I am not "working" with
> that drive.

Use Linux fdisk on the drive.  Do 'm' to get the list of commands, but I
think 't' is the one for changing filesystem type.  'c' is the hex for
Windows 95 FAT32 (LBA)  If you had something else, you'll need to check 'l'
for the list of types.  Then 'w' to write and reboot before you do any


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