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FW: Help! I broke it!

Thank you!

Now that I've done this . . .

My installation path thus far was Woody ISO to CD-ROM's, and install
from CD - then upgrade my packages via "updates", "testing", and <gulp>
"unstable" via "apt-get dist-upgrade".

If this is a terrible idea, please give a written slap - preferably with
an explanation why.

Now, after applying these upgrades - am I running on Sarge/Sid?  Or am I
running Woody with some individual packages that are newer?


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On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 19:27, Daniel L. Miller wrote:
> OK, call me a moron.  Go ahead, get it over with.  Laugh a little at
> expense.

actually, the same thing happened to everyone that upgraded today. but
i'll laugh at you anyway. "ha ha ha"

> I wanted to use some of the latest & greatest stuff.  So I set my
> sources.list to point to the unstable and testing areas, and merrily
> started upgrading.

and you picked a wonderful day for it, too.

> I was also getting errors on the "MENU" and "LIBSTDC++5" packages -
> I can't get past that "DWWW" problem right now.

the problem is actually with the LIBSTDC++5 package.

downgrade libstdc++5:


dpkg -i libstdc++5_3.3-0pre5_i386.deb

then do an apt-get -f install.  everything *should* just sort itself

Fred Smith <fps@dividedsky.net>
Divided Sky Internet

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