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Re: FW: Help! I broke it!

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Daniel L. Miller wrote:
> My installation path thus far was Woody ISO to CD-ROM's, and install
> from CD - then upgrade my packages via "updates", "testing", and <gulp>
> "unstable" via "apt-get dist-upgrade".

If you want to end up with a pure "unstable" box, and you are doing it
all in one sesssion, you can skip the "updates" and "testing" upgrades.

I like having both testing and unstable in sources.list, just 'cause
it makes it easy to do "apt-get --reinstall install <package>/testing"
when unstable lives up to its name (otherwise you need to edit
sources.list, do an update, then re-install the broken package).

If you are using a slow/flakey dialup you may want to only list one
archive in sources.list (an update of testing *and* unstable takes
~35min @ 28.8kbps).

> If this is a terrible idea, please give a written slap - preferably with
> an explanation why.

How good an idea it is depends on what you are doing with the box.
You probably don't want to run a business off an unstable system
unless you have a really good backroom to audit new stuff before it is
made available to the staff; a computer hobbiest is likely to think it
is the ideal system.  <shrug>

> Now, after applying these upgrades - am I running on Sarge/Sid?  Or am I
> running Woody with some individual packages that are newer?

Officially, you are running what /etc/debian_version says you are;
practically, it depends on what is in /etc/apt/sources.list.

Most likely you will end up with all Sid, or a mix of Sid and Sarge
(depending on sources.list);  there could be leftovers from Woody, but
they would be the result of buggy packaging (and hopefully fixed by
the time testing moves to stable :-).

- Bruce

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