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Re: FW: Help! I broke it!

On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 10:12:03AM -0700, Daniel L. Miller wrote:

> My installation path thus far was Woody ISO to CD-ROM's, and install
> from CD - then upgrade my packages via "updates", "testing", and
> <gulp> "unstable" via "apt-get dist-upgrade".

At this point, unless you set a default release or any other pinning,
you should be running unstable.

> If this is a terrible idea, please give a written slap - preferably
> with an explanation why.

Whether it's good or bad depends on what your goal was.  If your goal
was to get "unstable", then it's good, you're there.  If it was to have
woody installed, but have access to "testing" and "unstable", it's bad,
you've gone to far.

Jamin W. Collins

Remember, root always has a loaded gun.  Don't run around with it unless
you absolutely need it. -- Vineet Kumar

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