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RE: Samba Access



I was just finishing a Samba installation and I was having the same problems you were, I could access the Samba shares from the Windows machines but I didn’t have write permissions. There are two things that I did to get it to work properly. First go to the Webmin configuration for any folder that you are sharing to all windows machines, in here click the link that says “File permissions”. Once in there look at the permissions set for the directory and the file, make sure that they are sufficient for the users to be able to write. I think that by default Webmin sets the permissions at 755. If you haven’t made any Samba groups or users then you might want to set those permissions to 777 HOWEVER, this is really not recommended since this means that you are giving your users full access to the directory.


Once you have figured out the kinds of permissions you want to setup in Webmin you also have to make sure that the actual directory has the correct write permissions in shell. You can check the permissions by running ls –l and you can change the permissions by using chmod. If you don’t have any users or groups set up for samba access and you just want to give everyone full access to that directory then run the following command:


chmod directoryname 777


And also set the permissions in Webmin to 777. Remember that after you change something in the samba configuration in Webmin you have to restart Samba for the changes to take effect, you can also do this through Webmin at the push of a button.


Hope that helps.


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All right, I know I’m dumb.  Go ahead and tell me anyway.


Samba is running and appears happy.  From the Woody server, I can access my Windoze shares without difficulty – mount –t smbfs works fine.  From my Windoze clients, I can see the Debian server and browse the shares – I can even map drives and printers.


But I have no access past that.


From Windoze’s point of view, security options show my “users” group with no rights, “everyone” with no rights, and (since I’m sharing a fax folder) the uucp user/group with full access.


Where do I permit my “users” group to have full access to a file/print share?  Using Webmin, I placed my “users” group in “Possible Groups” and “Read/Write Groups”.  What am I missing?



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