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Samba Access

All right, I know I’m dumb.  Go ahead and tell me anyway.


Samba is running and appears happy.  From the Woody server, I can access my Windoze shares without difficulty – mount –t smbfs works fine.  From my Windoze clients, I can see the Debian server and browse the shares – I can even map drives and printers.


But I have no access past that.


From Windoze’s point of view, security options show my “users” group with no rights, “everyone” with no rights, and (since I’m sharing a fax folder) the uucp user/group with full access.


Where do I permit my “users” group to have full access to a file/print share?  Using Webmin, I placed my “users” group in “Possible Groups” and “Read/Write Groups”.  What am I missing?



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