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Re: Samba Access

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On Monday 21 April 2003 10:19 am, Francisco Castellon wrote:
> Hi:
> I was just finishing a Samba installation and I was having the same
> problems you were, I could access the Samba shares from the Windows
> machines but I didn't have write permissions. There are two things that
> I did to get it to work properly. First go to the Webmin configuration
> for any folder that you are sharing to all windows machines, in here
> click the link that says "File permissions". Once in there look at the
> permissions set for the directory and the file, make sure that they are
> sufficient for the users to be able to write. I think that by default
> Webmin sets the permissions at 755. If you haven't made any Samba groups
> or users then you might want to set those permissions to 777 HOWEVER,
> this is really not recommended since this means that you are giving your
> users full access to the directory.
> Once you have figured out the kinds of permissions you want to setup in
> Webmin you also have to make sure that the actual directory has the
> correct write permissions in shell. You can check the permissions by
> running ls -l and you can change the permissions by using chmod. If you
> don't have any users or groups set up for samba access and you just want
> to give everyone full access to that directory then run the following
> command:
> chmod directoryname 777
> And also set the permissions in Webmin to 777. Remember that after you
> change something in the samba configuration in Webmin you have to
> restart Samba for the changes to take effect, you can also do this
> through Webmin at the push of a button.
> Hope that helps.

The default permissions in smb.conf are 700 & 600, files & directories. If 
you want users to be able to rw you can use 0775, 777 lets everyone in. 
This is from a Samba install on Sid, Samba ~3.0.
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Greg Madden
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