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Re: Temporary package from source

On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 08:14, Ivo van Heel wrote:

> This is sort of what I'd like to do as well. Unfortunately, nobody's 
> answered my question yet (why is that, btw? Do I smell?) Having two 
> different versions installed is gets messy and things are even messier 
> when there are dependencies involved. You can't just remove one package 
> and then build the new version from source.

This is what I do, assuming that I want to install package foo 1.0.3,
while debian is still at foo 1.0.2

wget http://www.foo.org/foo-1.0.3.tar.gz > foo-1.0.3.tar.gz
apt-get source foo
cd foo-1.0.2
uupdate ../foo-1.0.3.tar.gz
cd ../foo-1.0.3
perl -pi -e s/1.0.3-1/1.0.3-0/ debian/changelog
dpkg -i ../foo_1.0.3-0_i386.deb

The purpose of changing the version number in debian/changelog is to
ensure that when the real debian package is upgraded (as version
1.0.3-1), your package will be upgraded automatically.

Note: these are guidelines, not a sure-fire recipe. They assume that you
have a reasonably good idea how to build debian packages, so that you
can fix things that go wrong. For simple packages, the above is usually

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