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Re: Temporary package from source

Bill Moseley wrote:
A new release of libtool is out that I'd like to use.  I currently use the
Debian version, but a new package is not available.  I don't mind building
from source, but I'd like to use the packaged version later when it
becomes available from debian.

This is sort of what I'd like to do as well. Unfortunately, nobody's answered my question yet (why is that, btw? Do I smell?) Having two different versions installed is gets messy and things are even messier when there are dependencies involved. You can't just remove one package and then build the new version from source.

Building a .deb from the source might nog even be a good solution in all cases. I'm not sure how much work is involved, but what about Mozilla binary installs? I don't like to compile Mozilla each time a new version comes about and I'm not sure how to make a .deb from the installer...

I'd appreciate an answer to these questions too!


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