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Re: Temporary package from source

- d/l old source.deb (apt-get source blahhh)

If we just need the control file, can it not be fetched from apt-cache, though?

- Now ./configure your new source package with the option
- make and make install

This would be somewhat harder with more complex packages, like sendmail, where individual binaries get installed independently, overwriting the old ones. Also, as I said, this wouldn't be possible with a Mozilla binary install. Mozilla happens to be one package that I'd like to latest version of when it comes out (not when a Debian package is made). :(

NOTE: Do *not* do this with system critical packages since this
description leaves out a *lot* of details on how to build a proper .deb.

Would sendmail be one such critical package? :) That's the one my question is really about.


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