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Temporary package from source

A new release of libtool is out that I'd like to use.  I currently use the
Debian version, but a new package is not available.  I don't mind building
from source, but I'd like to use the packaged version later when it
becomes available from debian.

This comes up often for me, so I'm curious how to deal with it without too
much extra work.

What's the best way?  Create a deb package from source and install that?
If that's the case can someone show how that's done, or point me to docs?

 apt-get install foo 

is easy, and also

  wget http://foo/foo.tar.gz
  tar zxof foo.tar.gz
  cd foo && ./configure && make

is also fine.  But then my system is odd with two installed versions.

Does a Ports-type of system (like Gentoo?) make things like this easier?

Bill Moseley moseley@hank.org

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