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Re: Debian updates & upgrades with dialup [was: wxWindows for GTK installation]

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 07:33:25PM +0100, Tim wrote:
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> Jesse Meyer wrote:
> | On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 03:47:39PM +0100, Tim wrote:
> |
> | To save dialup, and still do things the debian way, fetch apt-proxy, set
> | apt-proxy to fetch from the remote servers, and set apt-get to fetch
> | from the local apt-proxy
> |
> | Assuming you have the disk space (shouldn't be that large, since it only
> | downloads and proxies packages you request), it should save your
> | bandwidth
> |
> Good enough!  How would you recommend I get around the initial updates
> of several hundred MB?  I'm still with 3.0r0.

Ah, a dilemma.

I see 3 ways of doing this.  

1) You could grab the CDs from cheapbytes, and copy over the debs to 
the apt-proxy's proxy folder.  Then, when you update your home machine 
for the first time, it should start to freshen up the packages that you 
are updating (but only the packages you are updating) over 56k.

2) Scripting!  Good if you have a dialup access with unlimited minutes, 
and are patient for a few nights.  Basically, set up the proxy, then
have a list of packages you want to install.  Now, each night, while you 
sleep, have a script do " pon ; echo "killall apt-get" | at now + 8 hours ;
echo "poff" | at now + 8 hours ; apt-get update ; apt-get -u dist-upgrade "

3) Set up a cronjob to run jigdo each night, getting part of the CD, and 
killing itself after a certain time (similar to #2).

As you might guess, I'm on dialup (unlimited though, since I'm in the
US), and I'm not really bothered if my dialup access is used when I'm 
sleeping.  I tend to run a cronjob (a tad more complicated then the 
one that is given), which checks to see if the internet is up, dials it 
if it isn't, tries to update apt's list of packages, tries to download 
the updated packages, then grabs the latest virus defs for samba/f-prot, 
does a few other housekeeping duties, disconnects if it did dial, and 
then email me the output for my morning reading - the system works for 

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