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Re: Temporary package from source

On 16 Apr 2003, Matthias Hentges wrote:

> Ok, I will try ;)

And thank you for doing so! ;)

A few questions:

> - d/l old source.deb (apt-get source blahhh)

Ok, just to fetch the control file.  (I sure wish it was easy to
view/download individual files from the "list of files" display at

> Version: 0.0.2-10

Ok, I suppose I need to pick a version number that won't conflict.  I can
think of two situations:

1) I want to make a package that will never be upgraded by a dist-upgrade.

2) I want to make a package that will be replace on a dist-upgrade when
the debian package catches up.  For example, I want version 1.5 of libtool
but currently 1.4.3-7 is the most current Debian package.  But when, say
there's a debian version newer than 1.5 I'd like to start tracking that
again.  Is that possible?

> Ok, now you have a hopefully valid control file. 
> - Now ./configure your new source package with the option
>   --prefix=/tmp/new
> - make and make install

Or should that be

   ./configure --prefix=/usr && make
   make install prefix=/tmp/new

The difference that the program is configured to be *installed* in /usr,
but for now will be installed in /tmp/new.

Will packages always get installed in /usr?  Or is it possible to set in
the control (or other file) to install someplace else?  Or is that only an
option when installing the package (i.e.  dpkg --instdir)?

> HTH and good luck

Thanks again.  Will it try soon!

Bill Moseley moseley@hank.org

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