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Re: Hardware Upgrade query ? extra info ...

Dave Selby said:
> I also have the option of installing a 2GHz P4 though I have heard that
> the  AMD chip packs more punch ?

as far as I know, clock-for-clock AMD is much faster then Intel chips
at the moment. But Intel's higher end has a very large clockspeed advantage
which makes up for the difference. AMD chips also tend to run hotter.
Motherboard chipsets w/intel processors are generally more compadible
with linux(with regards to IDE controllers, onboard ethernet, etc). AMD
systems are usually a bit cheaper.

I prefer AMD over intel, but as always I am careful to research my
hardware before ordering, and never pick the lowest bidder :) My
fastest system is an Athlon 1300 running on a Tyan motherboard, almost
2 years old, works well, though it overheated a few weeks ago for the
first time ever, and crashed.


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