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Re: netiquette on other lists

In article <[🔎] 20030416113829.GA23064@zeus.rug.ac.be>,
Rudy Gevaert  <rudy@zeus.ugent.be> wrote:
>The bigger part follow the guidelines, but there are alwasy a couple
>of that don't.  And always go shouting, yelling at me.
>Have any of you had the same experience?

Oh yes, definitely. Both on the mailinglists I run and in the
local newsgroups (I'm newsmaster too).

For the mailinglists, it's best to create a webpage that explains
how to behave on the list, and to put the location of that page
into the trailer of /every/ message on the list. Mailman can
do that easily.

For example http://www.radius.cistron.nl/list/

It makes it a lot harder for the clue-challenged to claim that
they didn't know the house-rules of the list. If they do you
can easily say 'you never ever read a message on this list
to the end, so why are you still subscribed anyway ?' :)


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