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Re: ppp over null modem cable

Quoting Karl Hasselstrom <kha@treskal.com>:
> I'm not so sure, and yes, that could be my problem. The 486 has been
> sitting in a closet for a rather long time, but I clearly remember
> that windows 95 refused to run its serial port any faster than 57600
> bps. I figured that _any_ hardware ought to be able to do 9600 bps, so
> I'd try that first and then increase it as soon as I got things
> working.
> I'll try changing the speed and swapping the lines in the config files
> around a bit, and see if that helps.

I am running this with a 486DX25 on one end.  IIRC, the "standard"
serial chip interface only ran up to 57600.  I don't recall how it was
extended.  Anyway, be sure and specify the same speed on both ends
(you have 115K on one end and 9600 on the other).


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