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Re: Reiserfs Review

Pigeon said:

> I thought coping with not being shut down properly was part of the point?

I think the idea is to try to be sure the filesystem is in a good
state, that doesn't mean data isn't lost(e.g. in disk cache or in
open files). Usually data is not lost but it's not impossible to
lose data. I read that ext3's journal=data(?) provides even more
protection at a cost of some performance.

> I have a headless box on which I use ext3 so that if I bugger it up and
> can't ssh into it anymore I can hit the reset button to get it going
> again. I've done this a few times; seems to come up without any problems.

I've done the same on both reiserfs and ext3 with no noticable
problems either.

> Am I correct in thinking that ext3 supports ext2's bad block marking?

as far as I know yes it does.


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