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Re: Reiserfs Review

On Tuesday 15 April 2003 04:15 pm, Pigeon wrote:
> > Al Davis said:
> > > One point about ext3 that a lot of people seem to miss
> > > ....  The big claim is that you can treat it as ext2 if
> > > you need to, because all of the ext2 tools work.  This is
> > > not so if it is not shut down properly.  I found this out
> > > the hard way.
> I thought coping with not being shut down properly was part
> of the point?
> I have a headless box on which I use ext3 so that if I bugger
> it up and can't ssh into it anymore I can hit the reset
> button to get it going again. I've done this a few times;
> seems to come up without any problems.

If that is all you do, it is fine.

The problem shows up when the journal is trashed.  I am not sure 
if Reiser is any better.

I was told that one advantage of ext3 over reiser is that you 
can use ext2 tools to fix things.  That is true if you shut it 
down clean.  It is not true after an unclean halt.  You need to 
let the ext3 journaling fix it first.

The same goes for mounting an ext3 as ext2.  It works if you 
shut it down clean.  After an unclean halt, you can't, and 
fsck.ext2 can't fix it.  Again, let the ext3 journal fix it, 
shut it down clean, then you can mount it as ext2.

In fairness, you can't mount a reiserfs as ext2, no matter what 
you do.  They don't claim you can.

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