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Re: Reiserfs Review

Al Davis said:

> One point about ext3 that a lot of people seem to miss ....  The
> big claim is that you can treat it as ext2 if you need to,
> because all of the ext2 tools work.  This is not so if it is
> not shut down properly.  I found this out the hard way.

in addition, reiserfs(at least v3, probably v4 and I hear other
journalling filesystems are similar) does not support bad blocks,
ext2 you can run a bad block scan and mark blocks as bad, reiserfs
will puke hard if it sees a bad block(usually resulting in kernel
panics). The only time I've had this happen was on my 3ware raid
arrays when a disk failed, for some reason the raid card did not
mask the failure of the drive, and the system was flooded with
bad blocks when a disk failed. software raid worked fine though.


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