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Re: libgal21 dependency problem in Gnome2.2 backport?

On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 21:14, ahg@servidor.unam.mx wrote:
> I've just installed the Gnome 2.2 backport for Woody from
> http://ftp.acc.umu.se/mirror/mirrors.evilgeniuses.org.uk/debian/backports/woody/gnome2.2/
> Nice. Thanks all, for the hard work.
> However, things didn't work out quite right when I tried to upgrade other
> previously-installed software using that archive. What I mainly want to update
> is evolution. apt-get complains that it needs to install libgal21 because there
> are dependencies on that package, however, it's not available; there _is_,
> however, a libgal23 in the archive, as well as in sid.
> Perhaps this is an error in the package dependencies.

This is a dependency bug.  Thanks for bringing it up.  Updated packages
will be in the mirrors after midnight tomorrow.

Jamie Strandboge

Email:        jstrand1@rochester.rr.com
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