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Re: Newbie problems

> Hi,
> I am using Knoppix 3.1 which is based on Debian unstable. I am having
> following problems:
> (1.) On the Console I am not able to log on as root, I get an
> authentication  failure,though on X it is logging me in. However on
> console if I log in as  any other user I am allowed to do so. If I
> understand correct, there must be  some config file for this, please
> suggest what to do.

check /etc/securetty

> (2.) Even after I log in as a user from console, the keyboard is not
> behaving in the manner it should. When I press / I get a - on the screen,
> when I press - I get some junk character.
> I have checked the /etc/profile, the LANG variable was de_DE and I changed
>  it to en_US, still the same problem. Please suggest.

not sure here

> (3.)When I try to install evolution I get the following error:

I don't run unstable or evolution so can't help here..

> (4.) KPPP is working perfect from  root (I am sending this mail), but when
> I  try to use it as non-root it is not running.

be sure your account is in the dialout group.

> (5.) wvdial is not able to sustan the connection and even after
> successfull  authentication with the ISP, the pppd deamon dies out with
> error code 16.
>  From man pages I checked that Error 16 means "Link was terminated by the
> modem hanging up." This is happening with root as well as non-root users.

not sure never used wvdial, I prefer pppconfig & pon & poff


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