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Re: libgal21 dependency problem in Gnome2.2 backport?

Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes.

While I'm at it... perhaps I could mention a few other things about this backport:

- I'm trying to compile AbiWord from a recent tar ball.  There are a few libs I
need--including libgal2.0 (not the same as libgal21 or libgal23, it seems?) and
libaiksaurus-dev, both in sid. Any chance of including these in the backport?
What about a compiled, recent AbiWord?

- I had this silly idea, that maybe an "official" (or "semi-official") Debian
recent-desktop-backport project could be put set up.  I mean, it seems like a
lot of work to maintain all this stuff, and there are more programs that I'd
imagine people might like to add.  In addition, I'm guessing that there are
others like me who want a relatively stable system so are staying with Woody for
most packages, but would like recent desktop and office programs.  Why not make
it a sort of "standard" mixed system, and get other people involved?  One
justification for such a project would be that desktop applications for
GNU/Linux are currently experiencing very rapid development.  Anyway... it's
just an idea that I thought I'd throw out there... with the unfortunate caveat
that I myself don't have time (or skills) to work on such a project, I'm afraid.

Thanks again,

> > I've just installed the Gnome 2.2 backport for Woody from
> >
> > 
> > Nice. Thanks all, for the hard work.
> > 
> > However, things didn't work out quite right when I tried to upgrade other
> > previously-installed software using that archive. What I mainly want to update
> > is evolution. apt-get complains that it needs to install libgal21 because there
> > are dependencies on that package, however, it's not available; there _is_,
> > however, a libgal23 in the archive, as well as in sid.
> > 
> > Perhaps this is an error in the package dependencies.
> This is a dependency bug.  Thanks for bringing it up.  Updated packages
> will be in the mirrors after midnight tomorrow.

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