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Source code installation

Hi all:

I am very new to Debian.
I need to install a software(SPIN) which does not have .deb distribution.
They only give  *.tar.gz.

Here is the guide how to install:

Place the *.tar.gz file from the Spin Source Distribution in clean
directory, and cd to that directory. If you have a standard Unix system,
unpack the archive, and compile an executable, for instance as follows:

	gunzip *.tar.gz
	tar -xf *.tar
	cd Src*
	make -f make_unix

Spin should compile without warnings. Install the executable version of
spin in a directory that is within your default search path (such as your
ome bin directory, or /usr/local/bin etc.)
 On Unix systems Spin assumes that the standard C preprocessor cpp is
stored in file "/lib/cpp". On some systems this is different: check the
comments in the makefile for details if you run into this problem.

But in Debian we have an package system,
if I just manunally install like this, is there any conflict?

does it mean from above that I can just put the source code
in any directory and run make?
what does it mean by puting executable servion of the program to

Hope someone could help me!

Thanks alot!
Tuan Anh

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