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cups stopped working

hello list,

after more than a year my cups system suddenly gave up on me. i can
still print via gimp, which uses the raw device (?), but cups won't let
me print anything else. the administration interface on the webbrowser
shows that the printer is stopped immediately after a printing job is
issued, if i restart it, the job gets lost ("aborted"). 
the error_log reports that jobs are started but return an error code 127

I [15/Apr/2003:16:20:45 +0200] Started
"/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=3056)
I [15/Apr/2003:16:20:45 +0200] Job 413 queued on 'ESP700' by 'root'.
I [15/Apr/2003:16:20:45 +0200] Started filter
/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops (PID 3057) for job 413.
I [15/Apr/2003:16:20:45 +0200] Started filter
/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstoraster (PID 3058) for job 413.
I [15/Apr/2003:16:20:45 +0200] Started filter
/usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoprinter (PID 3059) for job 413.
E [15/Apr/2003:16:20:45 +0200] PID 3059 stopped with status 127!
E [15/Apr/2003:16:20:45 +0200] PID 3058 stopped with status 127!

testpages are never printed but logges as "completed" jobs.
i've absolutely no idea what to do about the problem. googling suggested
that it might have something to do with ghostscript or ghostscript
fonts, but i have both packages installed and certainly didn't uninstall
anything recently. i did however upgrade xfs to sid because that helped
solve a problem with openoffice.

i run testing/sid, the printer is an epson stylus photo 700. i normally
use the gimpprint driver, but i set up a printer with the foomatic
driver and id doesn't work either.

any help or hints on what to read or try would be greatly appreciated.


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