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Re: Source code installation

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 11:04:20PM +0800, Tran Tuan Anh wrote:
> Hi all:
> I am very new to Debian.
> I need to install a software(SPIN) which does not have .deb distribution.
> They only give  *.tar.gz.
> Here is the guide how to install:
> "
> Place the *.tar.gz file from the Spin Source Distribution in clean
> directory, and cd to that directory. If you have a standard Unix system,
> unpack the archive, and compile an executable, for instance as follows:
> 	gunzip *.tar.gz
> 	tar -xf *.tar
> 	cd Src*
> 	make -f make_unix
> Spin should compile without warnings. Install the executable version of
> spin in a directory that is within your default search path (such as your
> ome bin directory, or /usr/local/bin etc.)
> m
>  On Unix systems Spin assumes that the standard C preprocessor cpp is
> stored in file "/lib/cpp". On some systems this is different: check the
> comments in the makefile for details if you run into this problem.
>  "
> But in Debian we have an package system,
> if I just manunally install like this, is there any conflict?
> does it mean from above that I can just put the source code
> in any directory and run make?

Yes, it does. Especially your home directory eg. ~/Spin

> what does it mean by puting executable servion of the program to
> /usr/local/bin?
If this SPIN is only a one binary file become root and 
copy it to /usr/local/bin eg.

$ su
(enter root's passowrd)
# cp spin /usr/local/bin
# exit

> Hope someone could help me!
> Thanks alot!
You're welcome!
> Tuan Anh

If you're unable to do 'make -f make_unix' it may be a good idea to edit
make_unix in some text editor, it should be commented.

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