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Re: gnome-sawfish applet error

On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 10:47:03AM -0600, Gary Hennigan wrote:
> "Rick Pasotto" <rick@niof.net> writes:
> > I am no longer able to configure my sawfish window manager from the
> > gnome control panel. All the config programs simply display the
> > message 'The applet encountered an error'. The contents of
> > .gnome-errors is:
> > 
> > *** File error: No such file or directory, gui/gtk
> > 
> > Gtk-WARNING **: invalid class type `(unknown)' in cast to
> > `GtkObject'
> > 
> > Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkobject.c: line 236 (gtk_object_destroy):
> > assertion `GTK_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed.
> > 
> > 
> > Running 'apt-get --reinstall install sawfish-gnome' didn't help.
> You're running testing or unstable with Gnome 2.x? I noticed the same
> thing. Had to resort to the manual method. Click the middle mouse
> button on the background, the select Customize->All Settings.

No. I'm running gnome1. Clicking on the background does nothing.

> Note that the sawfish-gnome package doesn't contain much, just docs in
> /usr/share/doc/sawfish-gnome. I believe the functionality of
> integrating Gnome and Sawfish is all contained within sawfish now, or
> maybe within Gnome itself.

sawfish-gnome conflicts with sawfish. It's one or the other.

> I didn't see a bug filed against this, but didn't have enough detail
> myself to file one. Might be worthwhile for you to do so since you
> have some detail. 

File with debian or gnome?

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