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Re: Login problem

* Matz Johansson <matz.johansson@home.se> [20030407 11:09 PDT]:
> Hej!
> I have installed Debian on a pc/104 wich I shall use on my work. Butr I'll
> got two problem.
> 	1.	The resolution is very low, so low that that the login
> screen only appears to the half.
> 	2.	I cannot login because root is not allowed to login, and I
> have no other user in the machine.
> Anyone who knows how to fix this problem, or do I have to install the system
> again, just to fix the resolution problem and create I non root user.


I'll just tackle the problem of being able to log in (and also some
advice on the "should I reinstall?" mentality) and leave the X
configuration question for another post.

Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to a console login prompt.  Log in as root.
Create a new user with adduser.  log out.  Alt+F7.  log in as your
normal user account (the one you just created).

Once you're installed, you don't have to reinstall many times.  All of
the things that the installer did for you can be done again on a running
system without a reinstall (or usually even a reboot).  If you remember
being asked a question during install and wish you had answered it
differently, ask us here, and we'll be able to tell you how to
reconfigure your already-running system without reinstalling it.

good times,

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