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Re: Window Manager selection

> A friend of mine is having a rather difficult time navigating the
> selection of Window Managers and GUI login screens.
> Is there a reasonably concise method of setting/changing the default
> WindowManager and GUI login?
> I've run into the same problems myself and solved it by uninstalling all
> but what I wanted.  He wants to be able to choose more openly because he
> has much less exposure to Linux/Debian at this time.

I've always liked KDM for this feature(easily switch window managers
at login), despite the fact I haven't seriously used KDE for 4 years,
I still use KDM on many systems that have X(on some I use GDM because
of the gdm-compadible Xnest server which is reaaaaaaaaaaally cool)

you can change what window managers are available using the kcontrol
panel inside KDE.

there are a buncha other ways to select which WM, but kdm works good
for me.


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