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Re: Debian on Penguin Computing HW

Jorge Martinez said:
> Hi Debian community:
> My boss decided to get rid of the old servers, and get new HW, and he
> chose the Penguin Computing. I am troubled that they do not 'officially'
> support Debian, but according to them, some of their customers have
> installed BSD, Suse, etc. They only support RH officially.
> So my question is this, anybody out  there installed Debian on Relion
> boxes (Relion 140 & Relion 240). These boxes have the following 'exotic'
> components (for which I don't know if Debian support exists or not):

haven't myself but ordered 3 penguin computing systems back in 2001, and
it was one of the worst experiences I ever had. I can give details if you
wish, but everything from missing rackmount screws to wrong memory size/type,
to system shipping with no floppy drive cable connecting the drive to the
MB, to 2 of the 3 systems being returned to us after we returned them because
penguin computing moved to a new address w/o telling us or UPS(we used their
account code to ship back), to calling their tech support and not getting
any replies for hours on end(e.g. answering

in the end they were kind, I talked a couple times with one of the head
guys there(forgot his name offhand), but so many things were wrong I just
returned them for a refund. Went to another vendor, ASA Computers,
www.asacomputers.com. They were much better. And of course they support
debian(though they did not at the time I ordered). Of course I got really
good treatment from ASA since I told them about my experiences with
penguin. And upon inspection, all hardware arrived as ordered. And I worked
with ASA for several hardware failures(IDE disks in every case), and they
were good about replacing disks, even going sofar as to ship me a disk
fedex overnight/weekend on a friday afternoon (~4PM) which arrived on
saturday(only to be DOA). I later joined the classaction suit against
IBM for their 75GXP drives. Only to be dropped from the suit last month
since the judge didn't want plaintiffs outside the state of california.
I had about 60-70% failures in IBM disks accross about 2 dozen systems in
the space of a year and a half(only 3 of such systems were purchased from
ASA, most of the failed disks were purchased seperately from a local OEM).

so my advice, inspect your penguin computing systems very carefully,
if you ordered ECC ram, be sure it's ECC. Be sure the amount of ram
is correct, and that all the cables are there.

I'm sure the folks over at penguin probably still remember me, I ordered
3 1U raid boxes powered by 3ware raid cards with 4 75GXP disks in them.

maybe my experience was a fluke....maybe they were caught up in their
office move and screwed up real bad on my order..I don't know.


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