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Debian on Penguin Computing HW

Hi Debian community:

My boss decided to get rid of the old servers, and get new HW, and he 
chose the Penguin Computing. I am troubled that they do not 'officially' 
support Debian, but according to them, some of their customers have 
installed BSD, Suse, etc. They only support RH officially.

So my question is this, anybody out  there installed Debian on Relion 
boxes (Relion 140 & Relion 240). These boxes have the following 'exotic' 
components (for which I don't know if Debian support exists or not):


SCSI -  Adaptec AIC-7899W controller Dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI

Eth - one Intel® 82544GC 10/100/1000 controller
    - one Intel® 82550 10/100 controller

Can't find anything about that MB on 
http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Hardware-HOWTO/. I can find support for a MB 
with AMD chipset, but not for the Intel E7500 server chipset. Also, can't 
find whether or not there's support for that Adaptec controller, or the 
Intel adapters. 

Anyone outthere running Debian on these boxes? Any comments would be 


Jorge M.

Jorge O. Martinez
Web Services Administrator - New Media
The Kiplinger Washington Editors
1729 H St., N.W., Washington DC 20006
(202) 887-6441

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