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Re: (OT) Virtual map in apache to another computer

On Sun, 02 Mar 2003, Willem-Jan Meijer wrote:

> Not really...it's not for internal use only.
> I've got a couple a hundred mp3 files and I want to share them with a friend
> of my who lives a few miles away. I can't put them in /var/www because my
> hard-disk is to small for all the files. So I want to setup a virtual map. 

I assume you are acting in accordance with your local laws.

> This is what I want:
> If my friend calls he has to open 
> \\WILLEM-JAN\Documenten\Mijn muziek.
> It has to be possible, because I did it in Windows XP with IIS before.

If you are running IIS on the win box, you can proxy it with mod_proxy
through your apache server.
> I did an apt-cache search mod_proxy but I didn't saw it
> Dselect gave me the same result.
> I looked at www.apache.org but mod_proxy isn't here.

It is usually distributed with the rest of Apache. For docs, see

http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_proxy.html .

Alternately, as I mentioned, you can export your Windows directory (I'm
not very familiar with XP; you'll have to figure that out for yourself),
mount it on your Apache box using Samba/smbmount. After the XP permissions 
are correct, it will be something like 

   mount -o username=user,password=pass -t smb "//WILLEM-JAN/Documenten/Mijn Musziek" /path/to/mount/point

then create an alias in your Apache config, something like

  Alias /music /path/to/mount/point

Good luck.


Jamie Lawrence                                        jal@jal.org
Cross platform apps are like unisex underwear.
 - Unknown

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