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Re: (OT) Virtual map in apache to another computer

On Sun, 02 Mar 2003, Willem-Jan Meijer wrote:

> Hello,
> A question about apache.
> I want to setup a virtual map on my server ( wich is running
> apache. The map have to link to my winXP box wich contains my map with mp3's
> winXP computer's IP is Is it possible to setup a directory wich
> contains the files from a map from another computer?

If I'm following you correctly, you seem to want to serve material from
one machine via apache on another. You'll need to export the content
from the windows box - check out Samba for doing that.

Alternately, you may be wanting to proxy connections to a web server on the 
windows machine. Check out mod_proxy.

Hope this helps.


Jamie Lawrence                                        jal@jal.org
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