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Re: VCDs (was Newbie Functioning In Debian)

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 08:57:37PM -0800, Paul Johnson wrote:
> I'm also having difficulty finding some decent VCD documentation.  I
> see plenty for Red Hat.  I'll admit I'm way too lazy to go alien in
> some of the tools it mentions, though...there's gotta be a Debian
> solution...

It's not hard to make VCD's under Debian... vcdimager and its related tools
are all you need, along with a copy of cdrdao to actually write the disc.

Check out the tutorials on the vcdimager site.  Heck, I managed to create
discs with animated menus and everything, and I always manage to find
something to screw up the first time around. :)

Knowing XML is nice if you want to create menus and so forth, but if you
just want to take an already conformant MPEG and make a disc:

rei $ vcdimager Charmed\ 5x15\ -\ Special\ Delivery.mpg 
++ WARN: initializing libvcd 0.7.13 [linux-gnu/i386]
++ WARN:  
++ WARN:  this is the UNSTABLE development branch!
++ WARN:  use only if you know what you are doing
++ WARN:  see http://www.hvrlab.org/~hvr/vcdimager/ for more information
++ WARN:  
   INFO: scanning mpeg sequence item #0 for scanpoints...
++ WARN: mpeg stream will be padded on the fly -- hope that's ok for you!
++ WARN: autopadding requires to insert additional 646900 zero bytes into MPEG stream (due to 32345 unaligned packets of 197794 total)
   INFO: writing track 1 (ISO9660)...
   INFO: writing track 2, MPEG1, NTSC SIF (352x240/29.97fps), audio[0]: l2/44.1kHz/224kbps/stereo ...
finished ok, image created with 198469 sectors [44:06.19] (466799088 bytes)

rei $ sudo cdrdao write --device 1,0,0 --speed 8 videocd.cue

Cdrdao whines if it's not either run by root or suid root, and I won't make
it suid, hence using sudo. ^_^  My cheap-ass Samsung DVD player won't
reliably read a CD-R that I burn faster than 8x, so that's what speed I
use.  Make tests with several different media and make sure you can burn
discs your player can read before you buy large quantities of blanks.

A disc like this has no menu, and is VCD 1.1... load it in the player and
push "Play", like a video tape.

I used mencoder to capture the video via my capture card, diddled it a bit
with avidemux (to remove commercials) and transcode (to make it
conformant), and off I went. :)

If you want some technical information about how a VCD is actually put
together (what the MPEG has to look like, and so on), start here:


It's Windows-centric, but look past that and there's a wealth of

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