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Re: spamassassin - three basic questions

On 21 Feb 2003, Glyn Millington wrote:
> Levi Waldron <levi.waldron@utoronto.ca> writes:
> > I actually find spamassassin runs pretty slowly on my K6-2/500MHz 384MB 
> > machine (I know it's not real fast but not a dinosaur either).  It takes 
> > about 5-10 seconds per message, so before I started filtering my debian-user 
> > messages before processing, it was prohibitive.
> Have you tried running it as a daemon?  That speeds things up and reduces
> the load on the system.

It doesn't speed things up all that much for me. What does speed them,
however, is to use the L switch to allow local checking only. This does
allow a few more spam messages to get through but I can live with that.
It still catches most of them.


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