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The myth of aptitude simplicity

On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 02:29:39PM -0800, Brian Nelson wrote:
> I think you'd be much better off forgoing apt-get and using an
> interactive package tool instead such as aptitude.  Proper use of such a
> tool will make it much easier to keep your package system in stable
> state.

Why does everybody keep saying this when it's false?  Aptitude and
apt-get are getting thier information from the same place and making
the same decisions.  Both tell you quite specifically what is going on
before it asks you to commit to it.  Nobody has yet demonstrated on
the list anything that you can do in aptitude easier or faster than
you can with some combination of apt-file, apt-cache and apt-get.

"But aptitude's a front end to apt!"  No, apt is a front end to dpkg,
and aptitude is a replacement to dselect when using apt as a source.

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