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Re: KDE 3? or 4?

On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 10:53:02AM -0700, Bill Webster wrote:
> I am having a problem and I am wondering if someone out there is having
> the same problem or can explain what is going on.
> My laptop was running KDE3 from unstable. 

You couldn't be, since KDE2.2 is still in unstable, though broken,
right now.

> About 3 days ago I did an upgrade that upgraded it to what appears
> to be a partial upgrade to version 4.

This is why you need to review what a dist-upgrade is going to do.  If
you see a large number of packages being removed, do not upgrade.  You
can either try to downgrade to testing or wait it out until KDE3 is
fully merged in with sid.  Your KDE is now a mix of 3.1 and 2.2, with
a *lot* of missing packages.  Good luck.

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