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Re: More detailed post ...

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 01:46, Thorsten Haude wrote:
> I'm not intimate with the datails of Netscape's usage; you arbitrary
> send the mail to two addresses where one is enough to do the work.
> Please explain where the value is in sending the mail twice.

i think a bigger problem is that mail from lists.debian.org does not use
the standard convention of setting the "reply-to:" header to the list's
post address. In most email software this results in 2 methods of
replying to a message: 
1) "reply", which goes only to the person who wrote the original post
2) "reply to all", which sends a message to both the list address and to
the original poster.

mutt does this, netscape/mozilla does this and evolution does this.  the
kind people at ximian were good enough to add a "reply to list" function
to evolution to get around _broken_ mailing list software (like whatever
is running lists.debian.org) but this is not standard.

if you are going to be complaining to anyone, you should complain to
whomever runs lists.debian.org, not to the people who accidentially (or
unknowingly) send a "reply to all" whenever they post to this list.


Fred Smith <fps@dividedsky.net>

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