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Re: Configuration centralizing tool sought

* martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [030201 17:51]:

> Right. But I gave up on it when I fough 30 minutes this morning on
> reading in a file formatted like this:
> <user>\s+<filename>
> with a while loop:
> while read user filename; do
>   echo "$user : $filename"
> done < thefile
> this is supposed to work, but for whetever reason, it didn't this
> morning, and would put everything into $user and leave $filename
> blank. of course I checked $IFS. of course i did everything to debug.
> i couldn't find the solution. so i gave up.

Fair enough, and perl is very good at string and stream manipulation,
but unfortunately it is not something I use, so cannot help you there,
and I don't think you want to start mucking around in scheme code, just
expanding the problem rather than solving it.

> i've learnt perl. it's just been too long and it would take me ages to
> get back into it. i will, just not today.

This I can commiserate with.:)
> and python: i am not going to use a language where the indentation of
> a line is part of the syntax. i just won't.

makes for nicely indented code.;)

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