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Re: Configuration centralizing tool sought

> Well, not if I am lazy... I have a shell script like that, but I want
> a perl version. I don't believe in shell anymore, and I have too
> little time to learn Perl...

I am not sure why you have lost faith in shell scripting, besides the
language being horribly ugly, and useless for complicated development
(which it is not meant, nor designed for, so fair enough:)), but perl is
notoriously write only code as well.  But the other thing is that if you
write a shell script for it, it will be very portable on unixy machines.

I have something similar that I whipped up, but in scheme, and in about
the same amount of time as this message took to write.  Btw.  Perl
doesn't take that long to learn, and if you want a fun language to hack
in python is a good choice.



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