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Debian 3.0r_0 setup - lots of questions


I setup Debian Woody 2 days back. I'll just detail my

Celeron 633Mhz, Intel i810E motherboard with integrated
AGP/sound, 384M RAM

I installed the base system from the Debian 3.0r_0 CD and
installed X-windows, and lots of other packages via apt-get
from stable. Now, I am behind a http proxy and cannot access
everything properly. My current problems are:

1. apt-spy does not run from behind the http proxy to setup
a good sources.list. Right now, I am using
mirrors.kernel.org, which is not very fast

2. I can access www via a browser like say mozilla/galeon
using the http proxy config in teh Advanced tab...but can't
browse using links, etc. How do i tunnel other apps through
the http proxy?

3. How do i run an MTA like say postfix to deliver mail
directly from behind the http proxy? Right now, am using

4. How do i get things like jabber/psi working? And play
games on the network? and read nntp?

So, mostly these doubts about accessing the internet. Also,
is it a good idea to stick to "stable" and not use testing
and unstable? "stable" has old versions of most packages
that I use on a workstation, so what is the best way to use
new versions of packages? And can someone please mail me a
good sources.list offlist?


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